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The Man Himself
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two days to go!

Wow, this past week has FLOWN by, I can't believe we're two days away from surgery!

When last we met I promised you information about giving blood towards Nick's surgery, if you were interested in participating. With all we've been through in the last 6 days we flew past the deadline for giving, so thank you to those who were considering, I'm sorry I missed that opportunity. However if you are interested in giving towards other amazing kids that are going through procedures, please check out Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' Blood Donor Center online or at (323) 361-2441.

I'm happy to say that the reason the past week has flown by is because we've been having a lot of fun! From playdates to a trip to Legoland yesterday, Nick has been busy. As soon as I figure out how to size photos from my phone I'll post some from Legoland. :)

I do want to take a moment to acknowledge two people. Dr. Danelle Fisher has been Nick and Sabrina's pediatrician since before day 1. We met her when I was still pregnant with Nick and we still credit her as the one who saved Nick's life. She acted quickly on the fact that she heard a heart murmur (where I've heard stories of other doctors "waiting a while") and Nick was given amazing care that saved his life. We've adored having her as the kids' physician. Sadly, we had to say goodbye professionally because our insurance situation changed. However she is still a part of our family and we love her!

In finding a new pediatrician that worked with our current needs for 1) insurance, 2) cardiologist and 3) Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, we found Dr. Lawrence Sher. He comes to us highly regarded and suggested by many families we know. Nick met him last week and they got on well. I loved him immediately because when I mentioned Nick's cardiologist, Irving Tessler, Dr. Sher said he is good friends with Dr. Tessler's partner (whom Nick has also seen on occasion and we trust implicitly),  and Dr. Sher sends all of his potential cardiac patients to that same practice. Just so you know, I didn't know that going in. Perfect! Welcome to the family, Dr. Sher! We're excited to have you take care of our kids!

Thank you to all who have sent prayers, well wishes, good energy and thoughts Nick's way. If you are just joining us now on the journey, check out our first 2 blog posts, "Nick's Story" and "The Journey Begins" to catch up with Nick's backstory and what has happened so far.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is pre-op: blood work, x-rays, etc. in the morning and in the afternoon we will find out what time Nick's surgery will be on Thursday. I'll post that tomorrow and any other details as soon as I know.

Until tomorrow!

With love, gratitude and hugs,

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